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Coming Monday, August 10th

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Star Trax: The Generation After the Previous One

And the official teaser!

ST:TGAtPO Peace and chicane grease.




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In preparation for ST:TGATPO, I’ve been sketching out some Romulan stuffs to see if they’d make the best villians for Cappy Picard and his bearded side-kick Riker.

Let me know what you (yeah, you, the only guy/gal/spambot who’s reading this) think!

Romulan Warbird

And the first draft of what these so-called Romulans might look like. Maybe. I don’t know, I was tired when I drew these.


Well, that’s it for today. If I get the Enterprise-D finished by Wednesday, then I’ll post it here. No promises though.
I’ll also be working on the new look for ST:TGATPO using The Original Parody characters. There could be fancy in the future!

Coyote Trax