House Call

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Hey! Not updated in a long, long time. Why? I’ve been watching every episode of House! And also working. But mostly House.

So meet, Dr. House McCoy!

Dr House McCoy

That is all. Peace.



Interlude with an umpire

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Here’s a one-off Star Trax.

Cappy Kirk’s been hittin’ the space donuts again, and Spock is not amused. Or sad. Or angry. He’s not anything, he’s a Vulcan, guy!

Bakers Dozen

I am aware that I am terrible at inking, I haven’t gotten much practice. Given time? Who knows!

Peace out,
Coyote Trax


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It was 3AM. I was bored.

It was 3AM. I was bored.

What’s the deal with flavoured condoms?
Girls, do you have… tastebuds down there?


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Busy week with work and things. Here’s something I drew 5 minutes ago!




Happy Days.

Oh, here’s a screen shot of Star Trax Episode 6 process.




Old sketches of future things

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With all the busy I’ve had this week (culminating in good exam results and a freelance job) I’ve not done much sketching. In fact, I have done no sketching… With the exception of a particularly raunchy lady. It was going to be a character for another thing I have in mind, but she was too good lookin’.

Anyway, here’s a few old sketches of the very distant possibility of Star Trax: Voyaging (that’s a play on Voyager, son!)  This would be the 4th in the series of Star Trax, coming between the DS9 parody and before the Enterprise one, if I decide to go ahead with it. Still not entirely sure. Here’s some of the cast of Voyaging, drawn in the ST: The Original Parody style (I’ll probably change this for the later ones).

Star Trax Voyaging

And a few talking heads. Feat 7 of 9 as “the hussy” and some borg as “Dr Borg”.

Star Trax Voyaging 2

More on Sunday!

Peace out
Coyote Trax


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In preparation for ST:TGATPO, I’ve been sketching out some Romulan stuffs to see if they’d make the best villians for Cappy Picard and his bearded side-kick Riker.

Let me know what you (yeah, you, the only guy/gal/spambot who’s reading this) think!

Romulan Warbird

And the first draft of what these so-called Romulans might look like. Maybe. I don’t know, I was tired when I drew these.


Well, that’s it for today. If I get the Enterprise-D finished by Wednesday, then I’ll post it here. No promises though.
I’ll also be working on the new look for ST:TGATPO using The Original Parody characters. There could be fancy in the future!

Coyote Trax

How it all began, and where it’s all going

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Here’s how Star Trax began, with this one doodle during my exams. I’m so easily bored.

How it began

How it began


And now, want to see where it’s going? Here’s a sneak peek at the new Star Trax: The Generation After the Previous One

Lt. Worf

Lt. Worf


Bear in mind that these are just vague sketchings, drawn at very early hours in the morning. They’ll look better drawn on the old computo-tron. I’m still not entirely happy with Worf, but I’m getting there. You should have seen the first one! Whoo, boy, that was shit.