Old sketches of future things

With all the busy I’ve had this week (culminating in good exam results and a freelance job) I’ve not done much sketching. In fact, I have done no sketching… With the exception of a particularly raunchy lady. It was going to be a character for another thing I have in mind, but she was too good lookin’.

Anyway, here’s a few old sketches of the very distant possibility of Star Trax: Voyaging (that’s a play on Voyager, son!)  This would be the 4th in the series of Star Trax, coming between the DS9 parody and before the Enterprise one, if I decide to go ahead with it. Still not entirely sure. Here’s some of the cast of Voyaging, drawn in the ST: The Original Parody style (I’ll probably change this for the later ones).

Star Trax Voyaging

And a few talking heads. Feat 7 of 9 as “the hussy” and some borg as “Dr Borg”.

Star Trax Voyaging 2

More on Sunday!

Peace out
Coyote Trax


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